Embrace your emotional ‘dark side’

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People are often keen to try to eliminate what they perceive as negative or dark, however, these are flip sides of the same whole nature of creation, all is intertwined in paradoxes of duality and unity. You cannot have ‘positive’ emotions without ‘negative’ emotions. We separate our emotions in separate categories, but emotions are not distinct, they are fluid and mixed. They are also often dependent on their so called counterpoints.

For instance fear, without fear there would be no courage. Courage cannot be experienced without the presence of fear. Part of the role of fear, besides acting as a warning system, heightening our senses, etc, is to help us tap into, develop and embrace our courage.

In order to fully transcend the ‘negative’ we must embrace it, not deny it. Then we transmute it into it’s greater nature, no longer isolated it becomes a tool and something we control, rather than something we have not dealt with and denied and buried away in our subconscious, where instead, it will control us.

I find it unusual that people so fearfully speak of fear mongering, or angrily speak of anger, they are blind to the hypocrisy of their own negativity towards negativity, what they perceive as negative.

If you, as someone who is embracing the ‘so-called’ ‘dark side’ will soon see, that the darkness is only an illusion, when we stop fearing fear, stop getting angry at anger, and just embrace the spectrum of reality all around it, we realize the dark is a necessary part of the light.

Nothing we feel is meant to truly harm us, instead, they are there to help us grow and develop, to protect, warn, drive or motivate us.

You don’t overcome fear, anger, and other so called ‘negative’ emotions by avoiding them, or struggling against them, you can only over come them by facing, embracing, accepting them as natural parts of your being, and then putting them in service of your higher self.

As one develops spiritually, often people find that they spend less and less time in states of fear, or anger, etc, but it is not because they have warded them off like unwanted beggars at the door, but welcomed them in, and put them to rest.

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