A dream moment?

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As a child I used to talk, move, etc, in my sleep. As I moved into adult hood it went away. Until. This morning.

I’ve been having nightmares lately, and I’m a lucid dreamer. This means I’m aware I’m dreaming while in the dream. Sometimes it’s to a split degree, it’s like part of me knows I’m dreaming, and part believes. Anyways. I’m aware I’m dreaming.

This morning I’m having a nightmare where I’m treading water in shallow ocean just off shore. It’s a post apocalyptic setting where our area has experienced risen ocean levels and global warming, meaning the ocean is warmer. We have to swim along the shore in this dream to get to a safe location after an incident we’re fleeing. Wolfe, ash, and myself are in the water. Out of the murk and debris a huge shape swerves by and reveals itself to be a medium size spotted shark of some kind. Not a great white, but something say around 150lbs? big enough to do some serious damage that would easily lead to death in the current state of the post-apocalyptic world when we’re in the middle of fleeing for our lives.

So we stay watching to see after it passes us if it’s going to leave us alone or circle back before we try to swim on. It circles back and it’s coming for me.

Voice in the back of my brain goes, hey, thats okay. We know we’re just dreaming right. Shark is nearing. I’m thinking dream or not, I do NOT want to dream being bitten by this shark. So doing what lucid dreamers do in nightmares, I take control. I decide, no problem, I will change the dream outcome. I will use my martial arts training (ha ha) and give this shark a big mighty punch in the nose. I visualize how I plan the dream to unfold with the shark being badly dazed then swimming off wildly. Then I pull back and haul off.

Thank goddess I was not facing towards gray my bed mate, and I was facing the nightstand and wall. The next thing I know I’m wide awake with my fist back by my jaw in a defensive position and the sound of pills in a container smashing against the wall and ground having woken me right up. I had hauled off a might punch all right. My fist had flew out and hit a container that was just at the end of my reach, but the impact was enough that it flew, hit the opposite wall and ricocheted under the bed.

I eyed the overly full side table it was on, laden with my full glass of water, several containers, and other things, and was silently grateful I hadn’t put my fist through the lot! I rolled over, and kissed my boy, and was grateful I wasn’t facing that direction either, given he was only a foot away. He had woken up by this point, and I explained to his groggy head what had happened. He also expressed extreme gratitude, as well as some major concern when it came to falling back asleep again. lol.

I did re-assure him that this hasn’t happened since I was a kid. But I certainly hope it’s not the beginning of a new trend. If so, I’m sleeping with gloves, and my partners are sleeping with head gear.

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