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The worst condemnent and judgment is that of one’s own self and soul.

I was just deleted off a ning spiritual social network I belong to, after I posted some information about myself in terms of my sexuality and my involvement in creating fetish/erotic/adult/pornographic material.

As time goes on, the rejection of my self by others is less difficult for me. For it is not me they reject but some perception, judgment, assessment they have of me.

They do not know the whole of me or myself. My heart, my soul my being. My intentions. My self. My love.

Only I know the true nature of who I am.

So then. I would rather live true to that authentic self.
Keeping no secrets from self.
Having no shame in self.
Listening to self.
Accepting self.
Loving self.
Expressing and sharing that self with others.

I will not believe a divine infinite universe of love creating my authentic self would create it to be naturally ‘evil’ or ‘bad’. Or anyone elses authentic self for that matter.

So I refrain from judging and condemning not only myself, but others.

Besides, what good could my condemnation or judgment do? They would still be who they were, we are who we are… rejecting it will not change the fact. Yes people can change, but true change comes from within, and from self acceptance first, and moving forward from there. We cannot fundamentally make something we or others dislike about the true nature of our being simply vanish because it offends us.

Besides, how we can we possibly believe ourselves so knowing, wise, and divine, to feel that what is fundamentally another divine creation is ‘wrong’ in some way. Who am I to judge the miracle of the existence of another divine being and determine what it is their true nature should be?

Should they condemn or judge me, that is their choice, and I will remove myself from the presence of those I offend, if they do not remove themselves, or in the case of what happened, remove me. I have no desire to be where I am not welcome. I do not enjoy causing distress in others, and if who I am distresses others, I will not change who I am, but I will not subject them to my unwanted presence. I do not seek the approval of those who do not approve of me, my self.

I can only be me.
I could pretend to be something I am not, but I would still be me.
I could hide my alternative non-conventional aspects to be ‘normal’ and ‘mainstream’ and more socially acceptable to a majority.
But why?
What good would that do anyone?

If someone has no interest in me, but in fact, dislikes the reality of me so much that I would have to pretend to be something I am not to gain their ‘approval’.. I still wouldn’t have their approval. They wouldn’t be approving of ‘me’ they would be approving of my facade, my act, my mask.

I have no desire to have something I pretend to be, be loved and accepted, while I hide my self out of what… shame? fear? desire for ‘false acceptance’ and ‘false love’ based… deceptions? Not allowing anyone the opportunity to see and love, the ‘real’ me…


I will not condemn myself.
Others may do so.
But I will not pretend what I am, who I am, is shameful, evil, or wrong.

Without self acceptance, we can have no true acceptance from others, only false acceptance based on pretences of whom we would like to be or who we think others would like us to be, instead of based on who we are.

I always give people who I am.
I will give of myself with love.
I will be authentic to myself, and to others.
If others should find, me, offensive.
I would rather have the truth of that
and them condemn me, Than me first condemn myself.

Otherwise where have we the chance…
to connect authentically together as people.
to share and accept one another
and one another’s love.

I do what is right for me in life. I follow true to my own path.
I know no other way to be.
I cannot live any lies.
Not and ever hope to be free.

I encourage you to do the same…
Listen to yourself
Accepting yourself
Love yourself
Share yourself

I will not condemn you.

Live in Love

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