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The worst condemnent and judgment is that of one’s own self and soul.

I was just deleted off a ning spiritual social network I belong to, after I posted some information about myself in terms of my sexuality and my involvement in creating fetish/erotic/adult/pornographic material.

As time goes on, the rejection of my self by others is less difficult for me. For it is not me they reject but some perception, judgment, assessment they have of me.

They do not know the whole of me or myself. My heart, my soul my being. My intentions. My self. My love. More »


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True Friends, true loves, human relationships… Unconditional love, Conditional relationships.

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Whether platonic friendships, love relationships, romantic love relationships, relationships are a huge part of our lives.

Healthy relationships fill us with positive energy and feelings, unhealthy relationships drain energy and cause negative feelings.

There is no blame in relationships that are draining or create negative energy or feelings. There is no point in ‘blame’. It serves no positive purpose. Sometimes it is just a matter of personalities or individual energies not aligning together. Two good people can still clash and have a negative relationship because of some negative behaviours.

Healthy relationships, come from choosing and creating relationships where you and the other person or persons benefit. No one is drained, everyone feels energized, and feelings are over-all positive, not negative. More »

Metaphorical Knowing, Embracing our broken filters.

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Everything we ‘think’ is a metaphor. We can ‘think’ no other way.  We experience life through our small human mind.  A little gray box of flesh and chemicals and electricity. We understand through the limited filters of our senses, through our body and mind filters.

The language I’m using right now is a metaphor, we ‘process’ in metaphors, symbols that are meant to represent ‘reality’.

Until people grasp that what they hold so strongly as some ultimate truth,  religious truth, scientific truth, personal truth, is really just a child’s metaphorical scribble with a crayon of what is.  That that is the best we can do in our understanding, little movement can be had in terms of moving towards a world of real understanding, and tolerance. More »

I’m Back

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I go through cycles of blogging. Unfortunately. I can get distracted for long periods of time. I wandered off for a while. I’ve been busy posting mostly in Fetlife.com alternative BDSM sexuality community… So much of what I’ve posted wasn’t really right for mass public consumption.

Well, that’s a shabby excuse isn’t it? Anyways.

I’ve been doing a lot of reconnecting to the more spiritual part of my ponderings. I’ve ended up joining a few social networks of various kinds with various alternative spiritual peoples there that have me writing in response to other people, which has me putting my spiritual thoughts into words.. which I’ve then started blogging on those sites… and so now have been thinking… well THIS I could be posting on the Pillow Book…

So here I find myself. Brushing out some cobwebs. Wondering if anyone is even still looking in on the dusty rooms now and then. I’ll just clean up, pop some fresh thoughts out, and see if anyone happens in for a bite.