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It’s amazing what life can put in your path, and really as much as things can and do go wrong. How so much manages to go right.

I have a lot of things in my life right now going wrong that I could focus on… but I’m choosing instead to focus on what’s going right. As Aretha Franklin said, you’ve got to Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive.

Last night, I dreamt, the only thing I remember on waking was a piece of dream where I was standing in my backyard with the discovery that a red rose bush had grown and blossomed overnight in the grass.

Oddly enough, this already happened.

However, I didn’t really appreciate the depth of the experience of the reality until I contemplated the re-living it in dream… which seems somehow backward, yet still just right.

I was sitting in my hot-tub looking at the rose garden this morning, remembering my dream. Also remembering how I had looked at the rose garden many many times since I planted it wishing I had more red roses in it. Since I mostly planted pink, white and purple roses. Yet red, is my favourite.

I also then recalled, how a weeks ago, I rose in the morning, went to water my garden, and to my delight, found growing in the lawn, a small rose plant. It seemed to have appeared overnight.

I didn’t know how I missed it. I don’t know how it grew so fast since the lawn had been mowed last. It wasn’t in bloom like in my dream last night. But there it was… so I transplanted it into the rose garden, where it’s been thriving.

Three years we’ve lived in this house, and the rose must have lived sleeping in the earth… why did it grow now? Did it wake from it’s sleep because I yearned for it in my garden?… When it blooms next summer, I expect blood red blossoms. I’ll be surprised, if they’re not.

How… lucky, how coincendental, for a woman to wish her rose garden had more red roses, and then wake up to a rose bush rising from her garden lawn, what woke the roses up?… why now? Do things happen for a reason?…

I’m expecting they do, and I thanked the universe this morning for the gift, for the roses, and for the other things I’ve dreamt of that miraculously seem to manifest in my life when I need them most. When I believe that all things are possible, and good things are probable, when we move through the world following our heart.

thank you thank you thank you… I love I love I love I love…
I give to the universe, and the universe gives back… it’s a rhythm, an exchange of energy…

one we mimic in our bodies when we make love, a microcosm of the macrocosmic love. creating. making manifest. love, that’s what it feels like. when energy is in creation… it feels like love to me. There’s no power greater… for me, love is what I worship. My God/Goddess is love… and we bloom in each others gardens.

Live in Love
Love in Leather


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