Shit I feel good.

Leila Raven Post in General

I love NRE (new relationship energy) I’m vibrating with a fine mix of brain chemistry that’s intoxicating.

With a perpetually wet pussy and insatiable desire to torment my new boy that is kept in check by my fibro my body, and not wanting to break a new toy.

I’ve been having an amazing weekend, the stomach flu that floored me during the week seems to have left me. pumping with enough of that good NRE that I can make my way to MVK and show off my new pet.

Toy bag is almost packed. Such a good boy, such a new boy, so many firsts to take, savour, consume.

He belongs to me. I want to devour him from his deepest depths. Turn him inside out and lick the delicate lining of his soul.

I want to make him ache. I want to make him writhe. I want to make him need.

I want it to fill him to bursting. and drink it down. Drink him down. Then fill him up again. Fill him up, overflowing, with all my love. Over and over and over again. Till we’re gorged on the lust, on the love, on the magic.

Ah… what a pretty thing I’ve found. What a precious pet.

boy 003

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