Well the chicken’s are long gone…

Leila Raven Post in General

Amongst other news. An anonymous caller called in and reported us to the city bylaw officers. We’re not allowed to keep any fowl in Chilliwack. This happened earlier in the summer, the girls had become quite tame, and we’d just added a third hen, that lays blue eggs.  They were adopted out to a family that hopefully will love them as much as we did.   

We’ll write the city, as the by-law officer suggested when she told us we’d have to re-home them. She, like most others, think restricting home owners in Chilliwack from keeping a few hens is silly, and will likely only be a matter of time before the by-law is over-turned, provided people encourage the city to look at it.  At least the officer was very nice, if not somewhat embarrassed at having to tell us we had to give up our pets. No fine or anything like that.

We did fall in love with a very sweet little black kitten from the SPCA, and so we had to rescue little Loki and bring him home.  He’s an amazing cat and seems to think he’s one of the dogs.  He spends all his time hanging out with the family pack.  Spending a lot of time snuggling with me on my chair.

My hair has gone through a few changes as of late, experimenting with colour.  I went from blonde, to bright pink, to bright red. I’m enjoying playing with it.  I love colour, and I love change.

Life is good… I’ve got an amazing girlfriend, who has come to live with us earlier in the summer and living together seems to be going as easy and natural as I thought and hoped it would.  Wolfe is dating someone also, though unlike me, likes to take things slowly. So no more u-hauls pulling into the drive-way soon.

I’ve been away to kinky camping at In The Woods, and back, and am hooked, and am going to look for more outdoor leather events. As well as other out of Country events. I just wish I was better able to afford to do so, both fiscally and physically, as my health is suffering more than my budget. Though both are things I’m struggling with these days.

There are a zillion other things that are new, that I’m not thinking of right now, because the brain is a foggy place with fibromyalgia, and memory can suck.

The important things, I never forget, love. There is a lot of love in my world right now, so I feel phenomenally blessed.

Live in Love,
Love in Leather.

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