Fibro, pain, and getting better over time.

Leila Raven Posted in General

Zephyr wrote “Hiya Katt. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. I too have recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fuck, it bites. It’s actually harder to deal with than RA, I find. My movement and strength are getting better, but how the hell do you get the pain levels to decrease over time? I can temporarily decrease the pain with showers, hot packs, drugs, etc. but my pain levels are still through the roof. It doesn’t help that I’m sleeping on a couch right now either. Bah.”

I’m sorry to hear you got hit with fibro too. That sucks. I’ve talked to a few people and done a whole whack of research and it seems there is a lot of variation in how it hits people, how hard, and what works. One of the universals I’ve seen recommended over and over is light exercise, particularly in the water. It can hurt in the moment, but is supposed to make a difference over time. You have to be really careful not to over-do anything though. In terms of medications, etc. I haven’t found anything yet that works for me in doing more than just taking the edge off. I take tylenol, toridol, flexerol, for pain but it just takes some of the pain for me, maybe 25%, I usually only bother if it’s interfering with sleep and it can make enough of a difference to help me fall asleep. I’ve tried a few different meds that work for some people, like gabapentin ( neurotin) and pregablin (lyrica) neither did very much for me. I’m trying cymbalta next. The medications that target seratonin in the brain seem to work best for managing some of the pain of fibromyalgia. I also take omega 3 & 6 supplements, high b12 supplements, and a lot of other stuff, lol.  Getting as good sleep as possible is really helpful.  Light stretching is good too, especially back, shoulders and neck.

Here’s a couple of links I found the other day that I found interesting and helpful. It gives me more things to try, which gives me hope.

Specialist on chronic fatigue and fibro’s suggestions This says Chronic Fatigue at the top, but many Dr.’s feel they are the same illness, he also goes on to talk about fibro in the article as well.

Support Site with lots of good info. The article above I found on this site.