I woke up this morning in onederland!!

Leila Raven Posted in General

Most of you have likely never seen the term onederland before, a few of you may know what I’m talking about. Particularly if you’ve been overweight and have sought out support online. Today my weight dropped below the 200lb mark for the first time in years.  How many years I can’t recall, it’s been so long, over 5, likely more.

I am so fucking proud of myself.

Yes I had lap-band surgery, but many people with lap band surgery do not lose the weight, it’s a tool, it helps, but it’s only a part of the process. Six months after I had the surgery, and had lost about 50 lbs, my weight had plateaued,  and stabilized around 215, where it sat for another 6 months, as I complacently accepted and stopped making changes to my lifestyle. About 2 months ago I decided enough was enough, and I needed to get my butt in gear and make some more changes in order to continue my journey towards a healthier me.

12.5lbs are now gone, I’m in onederland, my BMI has just turned over from putting me in the obese category to the ‘overweight’ category. I swim light laps about an hour 3 times or more a week. I eat a healthy protein and fruit and veggie and essential omega 3 fatty acid packed 1400 calories a day which I track on fitday’s program the at home version.

For those of you struggling. You CAN do it. It may take time to find the process that will work for you. But the guidelines are to make small changes that focus on permanent lifestyle changes that improve your diet to a healthier leaner one, and to increase your activity. The lap-band helped me do that by helping me control my hunger, but the actual changes and weight loss came from charting how many calories and what foods I ate currently, and then week by week, making positive changes, taking off a few calories from my regular eating, making a few healthier choices, being a little more active. Making small changes every few weeks to my lifestyle that were not meant as temporary ‘diet’ measures, but permanent lifestyle changes that I could make to lose and MAINTAIN the loss in the healthiest possible way.

It can be done, and if you need to do it, you can. Do something today that you can commit to, give up one unhealthy habit, don’t make it something huge, take small reasonable manageable steps. What is one little thing you can do without, and then replace it with one healthy habit. Do you eat a chocolate bar a day? Can you replace it with a healthier a leaner snack, your favorite fruit? Can you drink one less soda? Can you switch from whole milk to 2%? I’m sure there’s something you can find that can you can ‘tweak’. Then next week, make another little change, take the stairs not the elevator. etc. Just keep making small steps, every long journey gets there the same way, one small step at a time.

Good luck to you!