Making a plan

Leila Raven Posted in General

Well, it’s the end of August, and despite the best of intentions, with no structure or plan, just intentions.. my weight has remained ‘stable’ all summer. My weight has been ‘stable’ since… oh, the beginning of the year. Don’t get me wrong, after getting the lap band surgery, working with it, and working hard, I’ve lost exactly the ‘average’ most people who get the surgery do, I’ve lost about 60% of my excess body weight. I started at my highest at 295, I was about 280 time of surgery, and I’m 210 now. With my height, 5’9″, I’m still ‘obese’ according to the charts, not just overweight. I’m in a size 16, and thrilled to bits about being able to shop in regular size stores for clothes again, and not be relegated to a couple of plus size stores. However, I feel I’m only part way to my real goals and desires. I want to be a -healthy- weight. I want to be in the ‘normal’ weight range. I don’t want to be model thin, I just would like to be not only not in the ‘obese’ category anymore, not in the overweight category, but a normal healthy weight.  I have had SO many health problems over the years, many in recent years, and am now dealing with some kind of undiagnosed health issue, over which I have little to no control. I have been in the last month focusing on eating healthier and being really good to myself in trying to do the best I can with this situation. However, that being said, I haven’t been doing portion control, have had no idea how much I’m actually consuming in the day in terms of calories, carbs, protiens, fats, etc. I also have been periodically binging on carbs for the self-medicated ‘high’ I get from eating large quantities of sugar or simple carbohydrates. It’s not the kind of coping mechanism I need to be turning to right now with my health.

So, I’ve made the decision to go back to a focused effort on healthy weight loss. I use a program called fitday that I love. I started using it almost 1.5 years ago at the beginning of my weight loss journey,  but once I got in the habit of eating what I should, how much I should, when I should, I dropped using it. It didn’t seem useful. Then, over time, I let it slide, I started eating a little more, a little less healthy, and just settled with the fact that I was maintaining my weight. So, I’m back with fitday. I have the upgraded version that you pay for and have on your home computer, and I can’t say how much it helps me. It calculates with input from me, what my basic caloric needs are based on information I give it to my activity level. I put in the information, and my goals, and it tells me exactly what I need to be taking in in calories, how many grams of protein, carbs, fat, as well as all my micro nutrients. It allows you to enter in activities like minutes of time spent grocery shopping. You literally can chart -all- your activity, all your food, and you know what is going on in your body.

When I was using it before, it was so accurate, I new exactly how much the scale was going to say based on what fitday predicted I should have lost. Unless I was premenstrual, otherwise, it was always on the money.  I know if I create a program with fitday, shop so I have the groceries I need to follow my plans, and document what I do, that in general, I do what I need to do, and have success.

So I’m excited. I feel great. I have a fridge full of the foods I need, love, healthy, to meet my goals for nutrition and weight loss.

Thankfully  the pool re-opens from maintenance tomorrow, and I can start adding some activity to my food plan.

I can’t sit, and focus only on the health issues I have no control over, I need to focus on the health issues I DO have control over.

So I’ll lift a glass of high fiber v8 juice, or a protein shake with oodles of frozen berries in it, and propose a toast… sante! to your health!

And before I sign off, I’ll share a few of my fave food choices with you.

artificial crab sticks
1% cottage cheese
fat free smoked ham
light herb cream cheese
fat free activia yogurt
Kashi cereal (high in protein for cereal)
1% milk
loads of fruits, berries, plums, nectarines, watermelon, pears, apples.
sun dried tomato rice cakes
cracker jack rice cakes
reduced fat peanut butter
healthy request clam chowder
carrot soup

I -love- the sundried tomato rice cakes with a light spread of light herb cream cheese, a few slices of fat free ham, and some sliced tomato… purr.

I also -love- the cracker jack rice cakes with a thin spread of peanut butter.. yum!

Okay, I’m off to make myself a snack.