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Well, my testosterone levels were bang on normal, so no supplementation options there. Today I also got results back from the nuclear medicine scan I had of my thyroid nodules. Results show no differences in the tissues, which is… inconclusive. My Dr. did say that he didn’t feel a needle biopsy was warranted at this time.. yay! I was not looking forward to potentially having a needle stuck in my throat digging around looking for samples. I do have to go back for follow up ultrasounds, the next one in November. In terms of all my chronic pain and fatigue, and all that mess of auto-immune/rheumatic type symptoms, I have an appointment with an internist.. Oct. 9th. Which is a while yes, but honestly, could be worse, waiting lists for specialists these days is the norm. The reality is, a diagnosis will likely not make much difference in terms of action any ways. It’s pain killers and trying to do what I can, rest, not stress myself physically and mentally, and live as healthy as I can given my limitations. I’ve been eating well, and trying to take really good care of myself.  I’m looking forward to the pool opening again later this week, and getting back to doing some gentle exercise.

Thats it from me today, hands and forearms, sore again…

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