Mixed bag

Leila Raven Posted in General

I actually have things to do today, okay, another Dr.’s appt. but still, it’s something. My morning started well, no major pain, just the usual waking up exhausted, bleary, fatigued and weak.. but.. not sore. That’s one of the good mornings. Even though I sleep 10 hours, I always wake up feeling tired now, and stiff. Bad days, waking up with pain too. Good days, no pain. So far it’s a good day.

Then the mail came, and I was delighted with an envelope from my sister, with hand made cards in it from my two nieces and my nephew from Victoria. Get well cards, each with it’s own age branded flavor, scribbles and Dora stickers from the youngest, and elegant collage from the eldest. They are on my mantle in view, cheering me up. Cards from kids you love, good medicine.

After a few previous false starts, she wasn’t quite ready before, Luna my precious puggy is off for what is hopefully her first successful ‘date’ with the stud. Wolfe’s taken her, I was going to go too, but I’m pacing myself today. When they get back we’ll be heading off to Abbotsford to visit the hormone specialist.

This was the Dr. I started seeing about adjusting my testosterone levels before I started getting all the symptoms I have now. I finally go see him about my free testosterone level test results to see if I’m a candidate for supplementation. I don’t know whether that’s still an option with my current health issues or not. Hopefully it can still be a go if the tests say I’m low.

I’ve started to let myself think about the possibility that my health issues may be related to the silicone implant I have around my stomach. I need to at least look at it as a possibility. For decades women with silicone implants for breasts have complained of rheumatic symptoms. Symptoms like the ones I have now. The literature says typically when women seem to have these immune responses to silicone they happen most frequently about a year after they’ve been implanted. It was last summer that I had the lap-band put in. Maybe I don’t have an auto-immune response triggered by infection, or a disease like fibromyalgia. Maybe I have an auto-immune response to my silicone lap-band. The upside, no chronic illness. The downside, surgery for removal, and no longer having my lap-band. I am taking fewer of the medications that caused much of my previous weight gain, but still, I have no idea whether I can maintain weight, or continue to lose, without the lap band as an added tool in my arsenal.  However, if there is any good liklihood that my health issues are caused by my band, it’s a no brainer decision, even if I have to pay for surgical removal, it would have to go. I go visit my family Dr. tomorrow for follow up on my radioactive scan of my thyroid nodules, and I’ll discuss the possibility of exploring this possibility.

I can’t wait till our local pool is done it’s annual maintenance an opens for business again, just a few more days before I can be back starting to get active. It hurts whether I move a little or not, so might as well try to gently get my body more active again, the pool is the best way to do that.