My awesome mate…

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This guy is incredible. He loves me through the good stuff and the rough stuff, and there has been a lot of rough stuff, he’s always supporting, caring, present, loving, attentive, and anything anyone could wish for. Right now he’s on the garage roof, shirtless, removing the old roof shingles with a shovel in preparation to lay a new roof. It amazes me, I know it’s not doing brain surgery, but I just know it’s something he’s never done before, and my neurotic self wouldn’t know where to start in the process of undertaking a task like that. It would actually be less impressive if say he was a construction worker. I’m proud of him, up there, sweating away, getting it done. It’s a hot night, we reached record temperatures today, yet he’s out there. Covered in sunscreen, and hopefully some bug spray, because we have mosquitoes.  I brought him a beer, which made me feel like a housewife, which made me laugh and smile inside. It also hurt a little, because walking across the lawn with it, tiring, my body movements slightly off, muscles aching, every step and inch a reminder that I’m a sick, don’t know what’s wrong, and it’s scary. Tomorrow it’s back to the Dr.’s for results of blood work, urine tests, throat swab, and a chest xray, maybe for answers, maybe for more tests. The nice thing, is he’ll be by my side.  I love you sweet prince.

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