It means bright fame

Leila Raven Post in General

Your name.

the meaning of it.

Though to me it tonight it brings joy, joy sharp enough to bring tears and smiles unbidden.

You make me happy, discovering you, and uncovering little bits of you delighting me. Watching you watching me… delighting each other. Happy. simple. oddly uncomplicated yet still very very deep.

My eyes go black with pupil dilation in my own ecstasy.  It’s when my heart and my soul open so wide… expanding, expanding, eyes, windows, reflections, pools widening, to take it all in. cosmos.

I want to consume you. drown you, drown in you.

Honestly, I’ve never had the desire to clamp down and break skin and ‘taste’ someone hard like I do when I kiss you and taste you. Want to have every last part of you, but want it given, all given… take it as it’s offered.

I love NRE, new relationship energy, what that mix does to your body chemistry. Flying high on it right now.

Having a hard time writing, when all I want to do is be touching you, and kissing you. Need to let the boys sleep right now though. So will be a responsible type, and sublimate my desires by stroking the keyboard instead.

It’s hard to be ‘good’ and ‘responsible’ when you have two hot men in your bedroom…

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