small graces, big love.

Leila Raven Posted in General

I can see the ice in your eyes some moments

hard, cold, anger.

When you’re fighting with something… in your head

I know in those moments, a panic.

The knowledge that you have the ability to go to a hard place.

A hard cold lonely place from where you could wound me,

shut out all warmth, turn away, slice open my heart.

The panic is small.

I’ve been fatally wounded before, and live.

No, that’s not a mistake, I know fatal means I’ve died.

I have died, over and over and over again, but again, I live.

I like the shape, and taste, and feel.. of your mouth.

I like how beautiful and raw your eyes can be,

I also like the artful games you play with them.

If someone is a performer, does it mean they are not being real

when they perform?

or are they at their truest, and revealing self, cleverly, in every ‘act’.

you are there, I see you, even in those elements of practiced charm

How many people have those eyes played that game of chase with?

It doesn’t matter, that you may have used a line, a term, a glance, many times before.

What matters now, is they are for me, your practiced graces

and it is different with me, than for each before…

that mouth, those eyes, that charm… your heart, belong to me.

It might be different some day down the line, but in the moment, this moment.

you are here, chained.