Mistress_Katt at alt.com is no more…

Leila Raven Posted in General

Well, today alt -deleted- my Mistress_Katt account, first they suspended it again, for showing my pug on cam. I was fully clothed, and the dog was not even touching me. Then they followed up saying that they were deleting my account due to numerous complaints of ‘solicitation’. Actually here’s a copy of the actual email I just recieved –

“Dear Member

To protect the privacy and security of our members, Friendfinder, Inc. enforces a stringent policy in regards to email abuse such as spam, as well as other abusive and/or fraudulent behavior, including prostitution/escort service, solicitation for business purposes.

In accordance with this policy, your account has been deleted. This decision was made after receiving numerous complaints, as well as an investigation that confirmed these reports. You can contact the Billing Department for pro-rated refund for your account.

(650) 847-3100

If you have any questions regarding this policy or your expulsion from our site, send an email to: abuse@friendfinderinc.com.

Andre D.
Abuse Support ”

I don’t promote my dungeons and fetish venues heavily, no more than other locals, and definitely not in a pushy or spamming way, I usually only mention my dungeon or my events or venues in reply to queries from other people. Usually in the context of informing them of all events/community calendars, etc, in general. I explained this to alt representative on the phone and was told that it is the perceptions of the alt community which guides them in these situations, and evidently there are complaints they are getting. If they get complaints from other members, they go with the numbers. This has happened to others in the local community. This means there are some locals who evidently for reasons known only to them, have decided to shut down the account of myself, and as I’ve said, has happened in the past, of others.

Do I know who the person/people are responsible?… I’m pretty sure, have some good ‘guesses’, but honestly, I’m not interested in engaging them, or turning the tables on them. I’m not interested in exposing them to rally community against them. This serves no purpose other than creating even more divisions in community, or making people feel pressured to ‘take sides’. I won’t be a part of that. Please don’t ask me who I think is behind it, or why, please don’t try to take action on my account against members in our community.

I can’t have this happen and not have hurt feelings, or dissapointment, I’m human, and I’m a sensitive person. It brings back all that elementary and high school bullying stuff. As soon as I start to succeed in something, there is someone or someones there, trying to take you down. That’s what I’m writing for, and asking for, is just the support of reading this, hearing me, hearing it sucks for me (lol), and not wanting people to get angry and do things that will build resentment in the community greater than it already is. I need to vent, pure and simple, I feel pissed off, hurt, cried a bit, and need to share it with people I know do care, and are a part of the extended community this occurred in.

I don’t resent the people in our community that complained knowing it would result in my account deletion. I don’t agree with them, but I assume they did what they felt was right and reasonable. Please do not assume anyone has any guilt in this other than me. I’m the only ‘known’ person in this, and I did according to the letter of alt law, violate their terms of service. Assuming anyone else is a guilty party in this and acting on that, as I said, will only add to the problems in our community currently, not resolve them. I’m a big girl, and if I wanted a ‘fight’, I wouldn’t want -anyone- to fight my fight but me. I want to walk away from an altercation in this instance, so please respect that desire and not take up any action in my defense within our community. On the other hand if you want to give alt.com a piece of your mind, go for it.. they don’t have anything to do with this, but they might want to smarten up and change the way they enforce policies.

My sincerest hope for the local kink community in the future is that it comes together in such a way were there is less division and suspicion, conflict between individuals and groups.  There is no reason any of us should feel the need to tear down another. I pose no threat to anyone, and would love to work closer with others in making the local kink community and richer, more vibrant, safer, and thriving beast than it already is.

As much as I get hurt by this kind of thing… I’m not going to hide and run from what I do either. I’m pretty sure the people involved know that I have depression/anxiety disorder and may hope that this kind of tension will affect more than my alt account, and will affect the events I hold and the things I do. It will not. Tommorow night the party is on as usual. If anything I need my dungeon, my place of happy loving kinky community more than ever. I may not be able to participate in letting newcomers to our community who go to alt know about my events, and other events in town, but it’s not going to interfere with me continuing on.

Live in Love (always my motto)
Katt (Leila Raven), but please just call me Katt… 🙂