Spankers hands

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spankers hands

These bruises were obtained spanking an adult.. consentually. Just so you don’t think I’ve been abusing some poor child.

All the dark areas are bruising, including palms, fingers, and my right wrist.. which is very raised, I think I ruptured a vein there.

Note to self… next time I play with this heavy bottom, less hand, more paddle.


If you need a smile..

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Visit here – but make sure you read a LOT of them, they have a cumulative effect.

The weeping buddah showered in peony petals…

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It’s amazing when life gives you a metaphor externally for what is happening withing you internally. The macrocosm reflecting the microcosm. My depression has been lifting with the spring. The blossoming of my garden mirroring joy blossoming in my spirit. The red peony blossom Wolfe brought me from inside I placed in a vase close by my favorite spot on the couch so I could enjoy it often. Yesterday I decided to cut more peony blossoms to put in another vase on the dining table. I went to take the single bloom to add to the larger vase, and discovered that the petals had fallen from the first peony…

I laughed with delight, because the petals had fallen to shower a carved wooden figure of the weeping buddah sitting beneath it. It was so beautiful. I finished the other boquet without it, and left the fallen petals and naked stalk where it left, I’m enjoying it still today. I took photos though, to capture the moment. The weeping buddah surrounded by a pool of red peony petals…



The dining vase…



Regardless of any pain and sorrow in the world.. there will still be the peonies in the garden. You can stay coiled tight lost in your sorrows but if you just lift your head and look a little, you’ll see that beauty is showering down around you in abundance.

My peonies are…

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Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that fill you with incredible joy.  This is my first house, and so, my first yard and garden. Over the fall and winter it’s been filled with mysterious unknown plants.  I’m not very horticulturally minded, I had no idea what most things growing in the garden are by looking at stems and leaves. But this spring, big fat buds starting forming on a few bushy plants, and I recognized one of my favorites from my childhood garden… peonies. Did I dare hope they could be the same rich vibrant red of the peonies in my childhood garden. So rare to see peonies in that colour. Peonies so commonly pink. I would be lucky if they came up white, my second favorite choice… red, too much to dream for. Then the little crimson tips started to form on the buds. I was so sure I was getting red peonies. I called my mother to tell her how happy my favorite blooms in my childhood garden were about to bloom in my own. Well, she said, they could be pink. She reminded me she has both the red and the pink peonies in her garden and all the buds start with that red tip, that I won’t know until they open.  I watched them for a couple of days, nervous. I was so certain that the peonies in my garden had to be red. Then didn’t look for a couple of days. Silly, nerves, over peonies. Yesterday, Wolfe came in behind me, and reaching around presented me with a large rich deep crimson red bloom. The same colour, exactly, from when I was a little girl. That rush of excitement and wonder at this lush heavy red flower, and pure joy. Something so simple, flooding me with heat and happiness…. my peonies are crimson.

Mistress_Katt at is no more…

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Well, today alt -deleted- my Mistress_Katt account, first they suspended it again, for showing my pug on cam. I was fully clothed, and the dog was not even touching me. Then they followed up saying that they were deleting my account due to numerous complaints of ‘solicitation’. Actually here’s a copy of the actual email I just recieved –

“Dear Member

To protect the privacy and security of our members, Friendfinder, Inc. enforces a stringent policy in regards to email abuse such as spam, as well as other abusive and/or fraudulent behavior, including prostitution/escort service, solicitation for business purposes.

In accordance with this policy, your account has been deleted. This decision was made after receiving numerous complaints, as well as an investigation that confirmed these reports. You can contact the Billing Department for pro-rated refund for your account.

(650) 847-3100

If you have any questions regarding this policy or your expulsion from our site, send an email to:

Andre D.
Abuse Support ”

I don’t promote my dungeons and fetish venues heavily, no more than other locals, and definitely not in a pushy or spamming way, I usually only mention my dungeon or my events or venues in reply to queries from other people. Usually in the context of informing them of all events/community calendars, etc, in general. I explained this to alt representative on the phone and was told that it is the perceptions of the alt community which guides them in these situations, and evidently there are complaints they are getting. If they get complaints from other members, they go with the numbers. This has happened to others in the local community. This means there are some locals who evidently for reasons known only to them, have decided to shut down the account of myself, and as I’ve said, has happened in the past, of others.

Do I know who the person/people are responsible?… I’m pretty sure, have some good ‘guesses’, but honestly, I’m not interested in engaging them, or turning the tables on them. I’m not interested in exposing them to rally community against them. This serves no purpose other than creating even more divisions in community, or making people feel pressured to ‘take sides’. I won’t be a part of that. Please don’t ask me who I think is behind it, or why, please don’t try to take action on my account against members in our community.

I can’t have this happen and not have hurt feelings, or dissapointment, I’m human, and I’m a sensitive person. It brings back all that elementary and high school bullying stuff. As soon as I start to succeed in something, there is someone or someones there, trying to take you down. That’s what I’m writing for, and asking for, is just the support of reading this, hearing me, hearing it sucks for me (lol), and not wanting people to get angry and do things that will build resentment in the community greater than it already is. I need to vent, pure and simple, I feel pissed off, hurt, cried a bit, and need to share it with people I know do care, and are a part of the extended community this occurred in.

I don’t resent the people in our community that complained knowing it would result in my account deletion. I don’t agree with them, but I assume they did what they felt was right and reasonable. Please do not assume anyone has any guilt in this other than me. I’m the only ‘known’ person in this, and I did according to the letter of alt law, violate their terms of service. Assuming anyone else is a guilty party in this and acting on that, as I said, will only add to the problems in our community currently, not resolve them. I’m a big girl, and if I wanted a ‘fight’, I wouldn’t want -anyone- to fight my fight but me. I want to walk away from an altercation in this instance, so please respect that desire and not take up any action in my defense within our community. On the other hand if you want to give a piece of your mind, go for it.. they don’t have anything to do with this, but they might want to smarten up and change the way they enforce policies.

My sincerest hope for the local kink community in the future is that it comes together in such a way were there is less division and suspicion, conflict between individuals and groups.  There is no reason any of us should feel the need to tear down another. I pose no threat to anyone, and would love to work closer with others in making the local kink community and richer, more vibrant, safer, and thriving beast than it already is.

As much as I get hurt by this kind of thing… I’m not going to hide and run from what I do either. I’m pretty sure the people involved know that I have depression/anxiety disorder and may hope that this kind of tension will affect more than my alt account, and will affect the events I hold and the things I do. It will not. Tommorow night the party is on as usual. If anything I need my dungeon, my place of happy loving kinky community more than ever. I may not be able to participate in letting newcomers to our community who go to alt know about my events, and other events in town, but it’s not going to interfere with me continuing on.

Live in Love (always my motto)
Katt (Leila Raven), but please just call me Katt… 🙂


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  Someone asked how would people use the following items as ‘pervertables’ in one of the groups I belong to, a rolling pin, broom, and kitchen rug.

Many different possibilities came to mind, but I thought one scene was fun… so..

Here was my reply.

I’d make cookies.

The Mistress walks into her kitchen to find her girl chatting on the phone with a friend, sipping on a cup of tea. The broom leans unused against the wall, crumbs from the day still on the floor, not swept or vacuumed. The soft rag kitchen rug still not shaken out or vacumed, the oven still waiting to heat up, the cookie dough in a mass, unrolled with the floured pin beside it…

She had expected her own tea.. and fresh baked cookies, half an hour ago. Someone was in sore sore need of a little lesson.

Her girl freezes midst conversation when she catches the look of intense displeasure mixed with that sadistic gleam in Mistresses eyes.

Protocol training clicks in, her girl apologizes to the person on the other end of the phone saying they must go now, knowing Mistress expects everyone be treated with polite courtesy. The moment the phone is clicked down, the girl folds to her knees in front of Mistress in a pose of formal presentation, and waits.

Mistress silently walks around the kitchen, examining the floor by giving a little crumb in line with her girls gaze, a little kick with her booted toe. Watches as her girl gives a little involuntary shudder, a mix of emotions betraying her need to be still for Mistress. Mistress continues her inspection of the kitchen, running her fingers through the spread flour on the counter, she whirls and delivers a lightly floured hard slap to her girls cheek. Her girl drops a little in her pose, the sudden weakness in her legs not allowing her to maintain.

This is a little game they play. Not a proper punishment. If Mistress were truly displeased, there wouldn’t be this little dance. There wouldn’t be the increasing wetness and heat building between the two of them. Instead the girl would be already working her ass off to finish chores and knowing a truly unpleasant punishment.. like being in isolation, would follow later.

No, this was a moment of unpredictable play. Mistress was trailing her silky flour coated fingers across her neck and pulling open the drawer where the knives are kept. In a flash, the girl could feel a length of cold steel at her throat and wondered in panic if it was the sharp side or the dull side so delicately layed across the vein in her neck that now seemed to be almost trying to open itself on the blade in how fast and strong it’s pulse has all of a sudden become.

As quick as it was there, the cold edge is gone. The toe of Mistresses boot gives a firm and gentle pressure and guides the girl to the floor, firmer and harder until she wriggles and squirms to press her whole body flat to the cold tiles. She eyes the soft rag rug laying a couple of feet away, and wishes she was laying just a little to the left.

Mistress catches her gaze. “would you prefer the rug pet?” Not daring to question where the generosity comes from, not wanting to delay, knowing the wrong response quicker is better than the right response in hesitation, the girl responds “yes Mistress, Ma’am, please”.

The shiny black boots come to stand between the girl and the rug, Mistress squats down with ease, long sharp knife in hand, pulls the dirty rag rug close, and with entirely too much ease, starts to cut the threads that hold the long strips of black and red rags together to make the rag rug. A pile of roughly shaped rag rope is starting to form. The girl has lost sense of time, has it taken seconds or minutes for Mistress to turn the rag rug to rope?

“Well now there’s no more rug to vacuum, I always thought having a rug in the kitchen was a little silly anyways” Mistress purrs, her voice is an octave lower than her regular speaking voice. The girl knows what that tone means, that huskiness. Her Mistress is very aroused.

Mistress is now holding the broom in her hands, and expecting.. something… the girl squeezes her eyes shut hard. The unexpected loud cracking noise.. with no sensation accompanying it startles her, her eyes flying open see the broom broken in two pieces one half each in Mistresses hands. The thigh high booted thigh has just split it in two, and the bent knee is being straightened as Mistress deliberately places the foot of the leg that has just snapped the broom, directly below the girls face. She kisses the foot.

The girl closes her eyes again, and waits, trembling, still flat on the cold tiles. She hears two more hard snaps, and knows there are 4 short sections of broom, one with the bristles still attached.

Mistress pulls her back up to a kneeling position, with rag rope she ties a rope harness over her girls body. taking the two center pieces of the broom she squeezes her girls breasts together, a section of broom above her breasts, a section of broom beneath them, tied tight together at the base of her breasts. They are rapidly becoming redder, almost purple, squeezed so tight, and so swollen. Still in front of her are the two broom ends, one with a rounded end, one with the bristles. Mistress inserts the rounded end in the girls now dripping pussy, and ties it in place. She ties two knots in the harness crotch area, one over the clit, and one over the ass. The handle is well tied in as well. The handle broom end is the perfect length to fill her and still leave a good fistful of wood outside of her which Mistress can grab, and manipulate between the firmly tied rag knots holding it in place.

She has her girl stand. The girl raises with a barely repressed moan, every movement twitches the broom handle impailed in her, rubs the knots over her hard clit and her eager ass.

She fights back a building orgasm, knowing she must have permission.

Trembling and shuddering she is about to ask if it would please her Mistress for her to cum. But Mistress is already speaking, seeing her need. “You can have one orgasm for each cookie you make me, no more, no less. I’ve decided I don’t want them plain anymore, I want each cookie iced with, “for Mistress” you can come only after you’ve iced the cookie, hold it until then. For each time you fail, orgasm out of turn, you will take the knife, and notch the rolling pin. When you are done, you will bring me the rolling pin. You will get one smack with the rolling pin for each notch in it… I’ve noticed you’ve come twice now while I’m giving you your instructions.. you may notch the rolling pin twice, three times now, before getting started, do you have any questions”

“No Mistress, thank you Mistress”

“Oh, and pet, there’s still the floor to sweep” as Mistress kicks the little nub ended, almost handle-less broom across the floor, “you’ll have to do it on your knees now…, but only after you’ve served me those cookies, and a fresh pot of tea”