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So much to write about, and so little time to actually do it. I thought I would have had a lot more time for journalling with travelling, but it hasn’t worked out that way at all. We’re all the way over in Indian Head – Saskatchewan. We left our friends in Edmonton Alberta a couple of days ago, and have covered a lot of ground since. The weather has been super hot. Well super hot to us little West Coast weenies! It’s gotten up to the early 30’s the last few days (celsius is what we do here in Canada, I don’t know what that is fahrenheit). The beginning of our trip half or more of our time was camped with no electricity in more natural settings, usually provincial campgrounds. I was hoping we’d be able to do that our whole trip, but now I’m thinking it’s not likely. Without the air conditioning our RV turns into an oven, parking with electricity is good. Oh so good. So We’re in a KOA campground now, with it’s lovely electricity and wireless internet. We need the internet access now and again for work, and the electricity not just to keep cool but for work too. My Curvosity website has been getting a lot of new models, which has kept me doing many many many hours of photo editing. So it’s been in some ways a rather busy trip. Finally after a little over two weeks since having my wisdom teeth pulled I no longer have jaw pain. Going through the rockies was spectacular, visiting with friends was a needed hiatus from the road and warmed the soul, travelling across the prairies has been peaceful for the most part, I love the fields and farms, the cows and horses and alpaca, the birds and the little ponds, the almost constant breeze that sometimes builds to blustery winds. Everything we’ve seen so far has been beautiful. We went do Drumheller and visited the Tyrell museum to see the bones of the big dinasaurs and that was breath taking and wowing. I have lots of photos of rocky mountains and of dino bones, but they are still in the camera. Priorities haven’t let me update here enough, though I hope to post photos soon. It’s been hard trying to keep up with everything. Some how I always end up with too much on my plate. Trying to keep this somewhat holiday-ish even though it is -very- much a working holiday. There are a dozen or so people that want to hear from me, and probably haven’t, people I need to call, mail I have to check. Work that must be done. In 12 days I start my 2 week pre-surgery liquid diet.. bleh… Since my surgery has been moved up to June 14th, my birthday. I figure that’s a sign of some kind.. like it will either be a ‘re-birth’/really good birthday present… or I’ll die. 🙂



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We’ve started our cross Canada trip and we’ve made our way to Revelstoke. We are still looking for people to meet who might want to show us around or lend us a driveway while we’re in town, and also for people to photograph while we are travelling. We’ll be travelling east towards Golden, then into the rockies and up and then over into Edmonton over the next week. E-mail me or leave a comment if you are interested in any of the above!