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Just a reminder boys and girls. (Most places use STI instead of STD, but I’m so used to using STD, so I’m sticking with it)

If you think oral action is “safer sex,” you’re very mistaken. Here’s what the dangers are and how to protect yourself.

Chlamydia. You can catch chlamydia in your throat by performing oral sex on a partner who has it. People with Chlamydia may have no symptoms and be unaware they are infected.

If you give oral sex to a partner with the HPV virus, you can get the virus in your throat and mouth. Symptoms include a sore throat, difficulty swallowing and visible growths. (HPV is also linked to oral cancer, although it’s rare.)

Hepatitis B
There is no data to indicate exactly how often hepatitis B is transmitted through oral sex. Hepatitis B is transmitted in the same manner as HIV and is considered 100 times more contagious.

You can catch oral herpes from performing oral sex on a partner with genital herpes and catch genital herpes when a person with oral herpes performs oral sex on you, a person with a cold sore going down on you can give you genital herpes. At least one in four people is said to have herpes, and some sources site a much higher number. Statistics have shown that approximately 80% of people with herpes do not know they have it.

Although rare, it is possible to catch the HIV virus from giving and receiving oral sex. If there are tiny cuts in your mouth, the virus can enter your bloodstream through them, and if your partner has any sores in their mouth, they could infect you while giving oral sex. The body fluids of a person who has HIV (including semen and the natural fluids that lubricate the vagina) will contain the virus. Therefore HIV can infect the cells that line the mouth of the person performing oral sex, and then enter the bloodstream (Journal of Virology 2003;77:3470–6). The risk is likely to be greater for performing oral sex on a man than on a woman, but there is a risk for both. Withdrawing the penis before the man’s orgasm (ejaculation) would lessen the risk; however, when a man is sexually aroused, small amounts of semen leak out before ejaculation so infection could still occur. People who have any other STD are at a higher risk to contract HIV.

cases are on the increase. Studies have shown most of the people infected were homosexual men who had oral sex without using a condom, so you can get syphilis orally. Syphilis can be transmitted when infected lesions come into contact with the mouth during oral sex. According to a study conducted by the Chicago Department of Public Health, approximately 14% of syphilis cases were attributed to oral sex. This percentage might be much lower than the actual percentage transmitted orally because people who engaged in anal and/or vaginal sex as well as oral sex were not included in the reported 14%. In the reported cases, persons only engaged in oral sex.

If you contract an oral sexually transmitted infection, you might experience a sore throat, tonsillitis, oral lesions, or cold sores. However, many times, you most likely will have no symptoms at all.

How to Stay Safe
Do not perform oral sex on someone who has an unusual discharge. Do not perform oral sex on anyone whose genitals look unhealthy or unclean. If your partner has a cold sore on the face or lip, do not let him or her perform oral sex on you. Likewise, do not offer oral sex if you have a cold sore or think you might be getting one. Some experts say you should avoid mouth-to-genital contact unless you are very sure that your partner is HIV negative. Avoid brushing your teeth beforehand, because this could open up cracks in the gum which would make it easier for infection (such as HIV) to enter. Use a condom and/or dental dam. bag it! Keep semen and vaginal fluids out of your mouth. Avoiding aggressive and deep thrusting in oral sex, which can damage throat tissues and increase susceptibility for throat-based gonorrhea, herpes and abrasions. After oral sex, rinse with water or an anti-bacterial mouthwash. There’s no evidence that spitting is more or less risky than swallowing. It is clear, however, that the longer infected fluids remain in the mouth, the more possible it is for infection to occur. Be aware that many, probably most, people with STDs don’t know they have one, they usually don’t have visible symptoms, and that using a condom/and or dental dam doesn’t give you complete protection, it just minimizes the risk. Also get tested and ask your partner(s) to get tested for STDs and make sure that you are both aware that there are still risks. Testing is not 100% reliable and some STDs including HIV may not show up in testing until several months after infection.

STDs suck.


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Some news of interest re womyn’s ware:

the “offending” website (ww withdrew the specious allegation of “trademark infringement” on the basis they have “no case”)

I wrote to the artist and asked permission to post the above information. She wrote back to me and gave permission as well as telling me how invaded she felt by Womyn’s wares actions, and wanted to continue to communicate with the world about it, instead of just meekly sitting quietly in the corner. The artist is a respected artist in her late 50’s living on a very small pension, who now has legal expenses to pay.


Naked people name…

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Введите текст на латинице

Sitting in front of the prize home waiting.

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Haven’t been writing much, have been focused on lots of other projects surrounding the selling of and packing up of Condo, websites and med adjustments.

Had a psych appointment this morning, only to show up to find a note from my therapist on her door saying she’s two depressed to see anyone right now. Yeah, I see a psychiatrist with depression. She has her downsides, but lots of upsides too. For one she really can relate to her depressed clients like me, for two she doesn’t treat me like a second class citizen like some Dr.s do. She’s not only been there, she often is there. When she is on, and I do see her, she’s very very good at what she does. It also gives me hope that as a chronically depressed person I may be able to get to a place where I can functionally work the majority of the time as she does. There is a school of thought that therapists should be free of psychological ‘stuff’ of their own, but I don’t buy that. As long as they can put their stuff aside to focus on you, thats what matters. If I had a psychiatrist who was dealing with cancer, or with a non-psychological chronic illness and occasionally couldn’t see me because of that, It wouldn’t be an issue, so why should it be an issue if it’s a mood disorder based illness? Depression is so largely biological, though comes often with so much personal stigma. Ah well.

After we saw my therapist we were going to go check out the huge children’s lottery prize home as it’s not super far from where she practices, unfortunately, it’s not open to view till noon. My appointment was at 10:30, for one hour, the prize home viewing opens at noon…. we would have come just at opening time, now we’re out front waiting for an hour, well, half an hour has passed, just half to go.

This lotto prize home is gorgeous, I’ve taken the virtual tour online…. would SO make an awesome kinky bed and breakfast. It also has a pool, hot tub, and every room has an ocean view… how great is that, we’ll probably pick up tickets while we are here.

My stuff on ebay has been doing pretty good, sold about 1500.$ so far, which is good, because we underestimated shipping costs which is going to ding us about 400$… my goal for the sale was 1000$, so even with the shipping we’ll have to pay over, I’ve still exceeded my goal, so I’m a happy camper. Have decided that when we settle down again after gypsy life, that I will likely do some weekly ebay sales. I think I could make a small amount of additional income that way. we’ll see, so many possibilities depending on what the future brings.


Donate to a charity, costs you NOTHING

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If you use this specialized yahoo search engine, it will donate to a charity of your choice.

Massive clothing sale on ebay

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Hey there, I’ve just listed a whole bunch of my clothes 52 items, on ebay they are plus sizes, ranging from 18w, to 24 w, or XL to 2X. Loads of skirts, school girl skirts, leather, pvc, tops, dresses, fetish wear, some goth stuff, unique items. This is just the tip of the iceberg, 52 items there now, in a few days I will be adding another 50, a few days more another 50. I have loads of age play and cosplay and fetish clothes and lingerie as well as everyday wear. Lots of one of a kind items. So keep checking back for new additions over the next couple of weeks, I am totally clearing out all my modelling and fetish wardrobe as well as regular clothes due to moving and changes in my sizing. You can find my listing at this link and as I said check back for more regularly – you may want to bookmark it if your shopping for these sizes, as it will be added to in bulk over the next couple of weeks.



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Your Soul is Black – Depressed, angsty,

distrusting. Life has sent you on one dark

ride, and you are having some trouble getting

back on track. Don’t lose hope, you have to

keep with it. Everyone must expierince pain

(some more than others), but you have to be

strong. In every life some rain must fall

before the sun.

What Color is Your Soul? {8 results + artsitic pics}
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My Mind

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You Are 84% Open Minded

You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out!
Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand.
You don’t have a judgemental bone in your body, and you’re very accepting.
You enjoy the best of every life philosophy, even if you sometimes contradict yourself.

Who knew…

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Which Lesbian Stereotype Are You?

You’re a Recruiter Lesbian!
Loud, proud, crass, and horny, you have no problem letting the ladies (even the straight ones) know that you’re a big ol’ queer. You think men are completely useless trash, and if it weren’t for them, you’d have all the girls to your sexually active self. You are probably really good in bed… call me?

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