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1.) When showering, do you start the water and then get in or get in and start the water?

Depends, usually before to warm it up. Sometimes though I either forget, want the shock, or a cold shower if it’s a really hot day.

2.) Do you read the labels on your shampoo bottle?

No. I buy whatever is the least expensive. I open them and smell though, I have to like the way it smells.

3.) Do you moan in the shower like the people on the herbal Essences commercial?

Only if it’s because I’m masturbating or having sex in the shower.

4.) Have you ever showered with someone of the opposite sex?:

Yes, and same sex.

5.) Have you ever been forced to shower with one of your siblings?

Forced, no, but I’m sure with the 5 of us there where times when we bathed in multiples.

6.) Have you ever brushed your teeth in the shower?

Yes, and I like pretending the shower head is a giant water pic.

7.) Have you ever dropped your soap on your foot?:

Not that I remember.

8.) How old do you look?:

Depends varies a bit by hair style and wardrobe. I’ve had a range of guesses. People in their 20’s and younger usually think I’m in my twenties. People 30’s and older usually place me in the 30’s.

9.) How old do you act?:

I can go from Zero on up.

10.) What’s the last song you sang?

Ziggy played guitar….

11.) Have you recently become a member of anything?


12.) What are your plans for the weekend?

We might be shaving a cute blonde chick for Bald Beauties. Other than that, not sure yet. Stupid depression has been hitting me hard as always, not taking too much on.

13.) Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed.

Closed, I like Picasso just fine, but whenever I open my eyes while kissing peoples faces always remind me of Picasso paintings and it hinders me losing myself in the sensation.

14.) What’s the sexiest thing about Condoleeza Rice?

She’s part of the evil empire, I don’t find that attractive at all. I do love skin of all colours though, if I had to pick something I’d say her skin.

15.) Does anything on your body itch right now?

Well… The thigh I lay on perpetually while laying on the couch using the lap top. Hurts and itches regularly. I’m playing a game of chicken with a potential bedsore. Why you may ask, depression makes me do weird things.

16.) Who’s the sexiest famous woman alive?

Grace Jones. I’d like to bottom to her.

17.) Who’s the sexiest famous MAN alive?:

my mate Wolfe, Vin Diesel, Dave Navarro (sp?).

18) Does every family have a crazy uncle or is it just mine?

I’m a crazy aunt. I don’t know any of my uncles well enough to know. I’m definitely the ‘weirdest’ in the family, and it’s not a secret.

19). Have you ever smuggled something into America?

I take the 5th.

20). Does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive?

Oh yeah.

21). Do you live in a city with a good sports team?

Probably, I don’t really follow sports other than martial arts.

22). Have you ever finished off the popcorn and ate the junk from the botton of the bag?

If it’s in the bag, you’re supposed to eat it (unless it’s one of those little preservative packs and they write on it to let you know). Besides with flavoured stuff all the orts at the bottom have all the concentrated flavour chemicals I love so much!

23). Have you ever had sex in a tent

I lost my viriginity in a tent, it was amazing. I was blessed with having great first sex experiences which most teens don’t. My long term boyfriend and I had been having non-penetrative mutually orgasmic intimacy for months, usually a couple of times a day, basically whenever we could. It was months of foreplay basically. When I was finally ready for penetration that camping trip, I was -really- ready. I was also on top. We were together three years, from 14-17, and I don’t think we missed a day without a many orgasms, we spent most of those years making like bunnies.

24). What about in a boat?

no, nor with a goat. Sam I am.

25). Have you ever dated a Goth?

Not anyone that used that label, but someones who others may use that label on them, yes.

27.) Can you fix your own car?

I don’t own a car, I don’t know how to drive a car, and I don’t want to learn how to do either.

28.) Would you kill George W Bush yourself if you were GUARANTEED to get away with it?

As tempting as that may be, unfortunatelty it’s like the pope, another one just pops up to take it’s place and the evil goes on. One would have to be very dedicated to the art of ass-assination.

29.) Should guys wear pink?

Yes! People should wear whatever the hell they please.

yay for photo editing

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Yay for photo editing, boo for depression.

We took these a number of weeks ago, and I had started working on them and then realized that I no longer had software I used to use (lost in a computer crash) and couldn’t finish them the way I wanted to. Finally with the help of jOni my AB girl, we ordered ulead impact in, and I could finish them the way I wanted. Now I’m all smooth and glowy, which is great for the photographic dispersal of cellulite
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Fatter and fatter

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Big big butt...
Well it seems I just keep getting bigger and bigger. Last time I checked, a while back now, months and months and months, I was 265. 265 -was- my all time high, but my clothes seem even a little snugger now.
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