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Well, just saw the trailer for the next Harry Potter movie, and can’t wait to go see it. They are releasing it in imax form to, and we have an imax theatre very close to us, so that is going to be a must do. It’s odd what will prompt me to write. So many things happen in a day, in a week, but what is it that makes me motivated to journal seems very obscure at times.

Wolfe split with tanuki this week, and that is a rather big shift, as they would spend a lot of time chatting and she was over usually weekly and stuff. I hope that it works out that they can still spend friendly time, or that she may want to spend time with me. I know she has friends she’s closer to or has had for a longer time, but I haven’t many friends in my life right now, and though with my mood disorder I may be ‘removed’ emotionally a lot of the time, I really did enjoy the time I would spend with her, or that the three of us would spend together. More »


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Hmmmm… what to write about other than my disturbingly long toenails…

That was for a friend, yummymommy on livejournal. It was a few weeks ago now, went to a mutual friends b-day party (b-day girl goes by Bandia on our websites, is her blog). The birthday girl barfed her guts out and yummymommy painted my toenails and I promised I’d mention it in my journal, because I never write, and these people get tired of checking and getting NOTHING! It frustrates me too, I -think- about writing all the time. Particularly because I’ve actually been doing a fair bit lately, and have stuff to write about, besides birthday puke and my toenails even.

In no particular order…

Went to an -awesome- new restauraunt in our neighbourhood, called Curious. It’s on pender off of carrall in gastown here in Vancouver if you’re local and looking for a culinary experience. Really yummy little dishes, like fusion tapas almost. I like places where you can get lots of small dishes, share, and taste many things. It was Tanuki, Wolfe, and I on the day before thanksgiving, which was just a couple of days ago here in Canada. So we checked out Curious. Started out with a mixed greens salad that had mandarin slices and pumpkin seed dressing and goat cheese… so yummy. Followed with Ahi tuna tartare, which was served with home made thin crispy light crackers – to die for, my fave out of all the dishes. Then we got some little prawn taco bowls with corn salsa… still very very good even though the least favorite of the dishes for me. We had firecracker broccolli then, which was sweet salty and spicy with slivered almonds. Then we had beef medallions served with a little potato and aspargus. All the dishes were small but large enough for us each to have a good taste of it split in three. We ended with frangelico creme brule (spelling? I’m too lazy to check.) served with biscotti. I went to heaven. The challenge is now to stay out of it, and NOT walk around the corner to eat there everynight, how to grow broke quick. I would say safely though that we’ll probably hit Curious for a meal once a month, and that tuna tartare and creme brule will be part of the order for the night.
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PHP designer

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We are looking for a PHP designer to develop a content management system (CMS) for us.

If you have the skills, please get in touch with me and I will give you the specifications.