Down and up again

Leila Raven Posted in General

Well, I had a severe mood crash last wednesday, actually it started spiralling down the teusday night before, and by wednesday late afternoon I had worked my way down to the lowest I’ve been in about a year, to the point of feeling suicidal, a place I seriously hoped I would never see again. We went to emergency, and after 5 hours in the waiting room not even knowing what they would or could do for me since they had told me all the beds were full, I couldn’t wait any longer to see the psychiatrist, I was way too agitated and upset. More »


Leila Raven Posted in General

It seems every time I think the U.S. has hit an all time low, they manage to surprise me, you’d think I’d have squelched that by now. I’m Canadian myself, but know a number of decent intelligent wonderfull Americans. Though I must say that what is happening in terms of the war in Iraq and how they’ve delt with the latest crisis with the gulf hurricane aftermath, is beyond unbelievable. More »