The tooth spa

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well, I’ve always had very healthy strong teeth. Until now. I hadn’t been the dentist for about 5 years, which is pretty normal for me. In the past it’s never been a problem. So I was a little wowed to find out that I have 11 cavities!!! I only have three fillings currently, so to all of a sudden have a big decline in dental/oral health was a bit of a shocker for me. Now, I HATE the dentist, hate it, makes me very anxious. So, because we don’t have a dental plan, I will probably do one cavitie a month approximately. And I have another 2 or 3 cleaning appointments before they start on them. Oh and one of the cavities might require a root canal… joy. The dentist says it’s likely because of the dry mouth I get from my medications, less good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria.

After I had the first cleaning done, just the other day, the dental hygenist walked me over to a nice little sink/vanity area where she brought me a hot wet towellete. With nice soap, lotion and mouth rinse there… Thats when I decided it was going to behoove me to think of it as a dental spa instead of the evil spooky anxiety provoking idea of the dentists office.

Each month for a year… I get to go the tooth spa! Maybe if I say it often enough and cheerily enough I’ll trick myself into enjoying it.

Other than that, not much new, mostly the same old stuff for me. I’ve rediscovered neopets and have been playing around on there a fair bit, escape into the world of my second childhood.

Oh and to anwer the question of the last comment:

“Question if you might indulge me. I watch your web cams sometime and you always look so sad. Alone. Your husband is happy, smiling, arms around someone else that he cares for too. How can you stand that? is that why you look so sad? Or is that the depression and you are ok that your husband is happy somewhere where you are not? I am married. Happily. So it confuses me. Could you enlighten on polyamorous love and the normal human jealousy or does the kind of person you have to be to be poly preclude jeolousy?”

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