Catching up

Katt Posted in General

I was in a bit of a fog pre-holiday, but felt great over the holidays themselves, but still feel like I’m kind of catching up to speed from my pre-holiday downer. I treated myself to cornrows in my hair over the new year, but because my hair is till so short they got messy fast, I only had them for about 3 weeks then had to take them out. It’s hard to get used to having hair all over my head. Most of the time I’ve shaved all or part of it over the last 10 years. I often feel when I look at my reflection that it’s hair that just isn’t representitive of how I feel about myself. Dying it a soft black has helped ease that, I can at least dye it! I think it’s also that my hair is so curly, and has so much a mind of it’s own that It’s impossible to give it a shape at this length, unless that shape is squashed on one or more sides from bedhead! Once it hits chin length, that will change, but right now… I only have about an inch and a half to two inches, and it’s just a short black curly mop.

I’ve decided that I have to get really pro-active about my weight. Getting out and excersising is really really difficult for me, as is working out at home, It’s that depressive apathy that keeps me moving back and forth from the bed, the couch, and the computer. However, changing food intake, if it’s really structured, is something I can find do-able. As long as it’s very simple, and very structured. So I decided to go with Jenny Craig, since they provide the food and meal plan to follow. I wont’ go in for the counselling and weigh in, just need the food and plan, so Wolfe is picking it up for me week to week.
I’m just ending my first week now and have lost five pounds. From 255 to 250. I know from experience that I’ll drop the first 10 pounds quite rapidly and then level off to a slower burn.
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