A long pause

Katt Posted in General

Well I know it’s been forever since I’ve written. Sometimes I get out of the rythym of it, and it can be hard to step back in. The onset of my absence in putting my thoughts into written words started with a plummet into deeper depression early this summer which had me into hospital for a stay of about 5 weeks. Where it took a while to make medication adjustments that worked for me, and had me back in a place where I didn’t need hospital support any more. Then, a couple of days out of hospital, I had the nasty misfortune of a severe bout of food poisoning which lasted a few days, had me back in hospital for intravenous gravol and fluids, and back out weak and feeling like the walking dead for a while until my strength came back. Since then my mood has been stable, but I’ve been feeling quiet. So I’ve kept quiet. So here I am again, alive, but not really kicking.

My baby boy J is away doing some training for the armed forces, he’s in the reserves, and I miss him a lot, he left while I was still in hostipal, and won’t be coming back for a week and a bit still. I’ve had the chance to exchange a few emails and phone calls with him, but it’s not the same as having him in my arms. Besides he’s my primary main model! and I need him back to use and exploit! Don’t worry, he loves it. I think he’s more of a camera hog than I am, with a heavy dose of ham in that hog.

The other day I was out second hand shopping and found a persian rug I fell in love with, from the Hammad region. It’s 7’8″ x 4’8″, and predominantly red and blue, with lots of other little bits of color. It has some fading, to be expected in a used rug, and with these hand woven treasures they use wool of different dyelots, so it’s meant to be imperfect to begin with. But it hasn’t been recut, so the wool is still thick and cushy under your feet. It was a steal at 245$, with the original price tag from when it was new worn but still attached underneath at 1350$. Persian rugs are a fabulous invention, 100% wool, camel proof, and so easy to clean, the lanolin in the wool makes them naturally keep very clean, acting as a natural repellent to spills, and as long as you don’t use soap on them, keeps as an active anti-dirt agent. To wash them you do the same thing they do where they make them, and that’s just hose them down and lay them out to dry. They so rarely need any washing at all though. I’ve had my other ones for over 7 years, and I only washed them once 2 years ago, or rather, my Iranian house boy at the time washed them.

They’re amazing things, each rug tells a story of a sort, the patterns on them all representing something, even the very abstracted ones symbolizing anything from butterflies and spiders to camels and cobras. There are some obvious birds on my new one. I really should learn more about the design elements of them, but I’m too lazy. I just enjoy the over all effect.

It’s been an incredibly hot summer here, we still haven’t bought an air conditioner, every summer we suffer in this little south facing concrete loft of ours. This year, has been the hottest yet, with some days breaking records. Literally a record breaking summer. We could have budgeted for an air conditioner… but well, instead we got another rug . Sometimes a little suffering is worth the beauty. Nice and cool with an ugly air conditioner crammed in the door? or hot and sweaty naked on the new persian rug? RUG! I have my priorities!


PS! check out my latest sites, besides the remake of http://www.erotimania.com into a free educational resource site (looking for article submissions by the way). We’ve also been busy creating more … porn!… http://www.mistresskatt.com http://www.namiolive.com http://www.buriedinbutt.com http://www.damselsindanger.com to name just a few… we’ve been busy happy little porn producing campers since I’ve been out of hospital, I’ve been a bit of a reclusive recuperating porn producing prima donna.