Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm toys and boys

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Well, my baby boy is back in my life, he decided to split it off with his girlfriend, and it’s a hard time for him, I’m offering support, and trying not to eat him alive out of selfish happiness. I keep telling myself there’s no hurry, so many many fun things to do with, and to, but it has to happen in bits and pieces. That’s the simple linear physics of this silly existence. Everything can’t all happen all at once, can it?

Going to take him to his first play party on Sat, and that should be fun, and Wolfe has been playing with a little cutie that we’ve been photographing that is coming with as well. I think it will be a very very very fun and intense evening. yum!

I’ve been invited to do a workshop on age play in May, and I’m psyched about that, particularly because many of the people I know have confirmed that they can be there, and so I’ll feel supported, and I’m just excited to get a chance to express my views on things, and maybe stretch some peoples horizons a bit. May 17th, Monday night, 8pm, at Lick… check for details if you want to attend. Woo hoo!

Have been doing loads of pics lately, and am photographing a head shave on thursday which I’m psyched about as well.

Seeing my boy, TOMMOROW, which makes me happy happy.

So it’s been a good week, and I think it’s going to continue to be a good week.

That’s all from me… photos to edit!


Black velvet and leopard print shoe shaped chair… oh no! oh YES!

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Word of the day : Luminous
DEFINITION: bright, brilliant, glowing
EXAMPLE: The park was bathed in luminous sunshine which warmed the bodies and the souls of the visitors.
SYNONYMS: incandescent, lucent, lustrous, radiant, resplendent

And some additional words of the day – toilet seat, paper cup, deely boppers, and giant leopard print shoe shaped chair!

Which is what I bought yesterday even if we couldn’t afford it, not the first three, but the last. I have a shoe chair, nyah nyah nyah nyah NYAH. Actually it’s not ‘giant’ it’s just a normal sized chair, shaped like a big high heel shoe in black and leopard print velvet, and of course I’ll be doing loads – o – foot fetish retro photography in it, so it will be showing up in image form mighty soon. I was going to the store, Wolfe specifically said, “Don’t spend more than 30$ that’s all we can afford” He was off to buy a 200$ web cam, so I could have a cam designated to my feet only for the foot fetish fans… and so I was off to buy some little accessories to decorate my foot cam ‘cave’ area under my desk. Up the elevator to housewares in army and navy, and there it stood, in all it’s glory, the large velvety black and leopard shoe chair. Only one, several women gushing and fawning over it. No price tag. Some couple of girls around my age already having a store lacky off to try to find the price on it … and I knew.. it MUST be mine. I hunted down the floor manager ASAP, having been a retail slave in the past. Told her I wanted to buy the chair, now, I’d taken the tag with the bar code off of it and had it in my hot little hands – my ticket to shoe chair paradise, and all I needed was the price so a clerk could ring it up for me… and oh, I only live half a block away (true!) it’s not very heavy, but awkward, could one of your security boys walk it over for me. Done, and done. 200$ later (Daddy is going to KILL me, but I have a SHOE CHAIR) going through my mind over and over again like some meditative mantra, I walked home beefy security boy carrying shoe chair in tow down the block to my apartment.

Happy happy.

Wolfe did come home with the web cam, did some serious unhappy Wolfe faces and grumbles (the closest that man gets to a display of anger) After much lip trembling on my part, promises of eating only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the rest of the month, and selling something else I own if we really need to, and him going over our monthly finances, two, or three times, he finally came to the conclusion that we could manage it… yay! Shoe chair stays. He grumbled a bit still, because we’ve been looking for a chair for the little corner of our apartment still unfilled, and he’d been thinking ‘recliner/lazy-boy’ which a) would have cost us a lot more dough (it would have HAD to been black or red leather) and b) we really didn’t have enough room for one. The shoe chair fits, size wise, there is enough animal print here and there in our domicile to make it fit (not enough to make it look like the ghost of Elvis has moved in though), and I LOVE it.

Next model I have over… teusday I think it is, I’m stripping her down, sticking her in my yet unphotographed leopard print platform sandals, and who cares what else if anything else and draping her over the damn shoe chair as many ways as bodies can manage (a good thing Veronica does yoga)

and that’s all I have to say about that.

So I just woke up, that’s whats happened yesterday, and now I’ve just read by horrorscope for today, which is a lot gloomier than I feel: Gemini’s pay attention.

“You were hoping for a better day, but this is what you get. An old friend or a family member can still push all the wrong buttons even when he or she knows that you don’t want to be involved on that level. Old patterns are louder than new thoughts, no matter how much you say that you’ve changed. Tightly wrap comfort’s thin illusion around you, like a security blanket or a shield. Even in the stickiest of circumstances, you can probably find a way to make it better. A little denial helps you until the real change comes along”

Hmmmm, maybe I’ll take a couple of clonazepam with breakfast, a little anti-anxiety medication in the morning always helps a little denial go down easy.


Weird rankings and findings

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Someone wrote to me the other day asking if I would put a link to their gas mask site up, at first, I immediately assumed it must be something kinky. After some writing back and forth, and looking over their website, it turned out, that on a web search for gas mask, I had come up in the top 30 hits, and that’s why they were writing to me. I guess they wanted to be linked with all the people who ranked high on searches for gas masks. I visited their site, and would have linked them if it was something kinky about gas masks (god forbid, I’ve said it how many times now, who knows where I’ll end up on the list of gas masks in searches!) but the site was about the application and use of gas masks for the use they were intended, and about how everyone should own one and know how to use one ‘just in case’. So I declined a reciprocal link… I mean gas masks for fun and kink – woo hoo, gas masks because you’re scared someone is going to attack you… not so much fun. Wolfe mentioned this morning, that he was searching for apocalypse theories, something he recently wrote about in a journal entry, and was surprised to find that he came up number five in the list. These journals are powerful things! who knew! So there you have it, this gave me a little brain child, to expirement with what obscure references might have people stumble onto my little world of subversion and perversion… (evil chuckle) I can sucker people in here with obscure references, and then brain wash them out of their little boxes, no? We’ll one can hope. Regardless, it’s instituted a new journal addition, word of the day. Because I like chaos, I’ve decided to try to go about the word of the day in a random fashion (and I won’t give any statistic freaks – statistics = sadistics, what approach I’m using to make it random, because I won’t give you any ammunition for your evil statistical ways of analyzing things… naughty statisticians)

So the word of the day is: Circumspect

DEFINITION: cautious, aware of potential consequences
EXAMPLE: She was very circumspect in her language and behavior when first introduced to her fiance’s parents.
SYNONYMS: alert, cautious, heedful, mindful, prudent, solicitous, vigilant, wary

For those that care… in other words, just me, and some other gemini’s… my horoscope tells me that:

The ideas are on the table. The proof is in the pudding. You’re an instant hit when you turn your thoughts into tangible, tasty results. Once you pull off a coup like this, you’ll easily convince others with just about anything that you tell them. There’s no pressure on either side. Everyone is here through his or her own free will. What they don’t know, you’ll teach them. Take only what you need to help you move smoothly through the world. The lighter your load, the better you’ll be able to perform.

Damn it, I was hoping it would say something about shopping, I’ve a hankering to hit Value Village today.
By the way, if you’re reading this, and you you’re articulate, and knowledgable in any area related to human sexuality… please check out the changes we’ve made at – now a resource for human sexuality, and alternative sexuality… we need contributions, we want voices to talk about their experiences, and their knowledge of human sexuality, whatever that might be.

Get yourself published there, we need you!

trying to change the world, one pervert at a time.

Oh, I’ve made email contact with the boy, I so love and adore, decided we can talk (not hot chat) but keep in touch, it’s good for me to know what is just going on in his life. Gives me some sense of peace to know that he is out there, alive, and well. Mommies need to hear from their kidlets, whether they’re the biological kind or the age-play kind. I’ll try to refrain from taunting him with things like this…

See, he bought me the mommy panties, he has a thing for big butts, and well, there I did a shoot of me playing with his teddy bear… entirely too naughty of me, but that was before I heard from him in email, just wanted to make sure he knew I was thinking of him.