Leaving the summer behind…

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Well, It’s raining outside, and it feels fantastic. After months of an unbearably hot appartment that has had multiple fans going non-stop and all windows and doors thrown open to try to keep it as manageable as possible, I am now sitting in a pleasantly cool room this evening.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I’m happy to be leaving the hot summer sunshine behind me. So I thought the above pic with the sun in the window at my back, was somehow appropriate… walking from the doorway of one season into another.

In the province that I live in, BC Canada, we’ve had terrible forest fires this summer, with many families losing their homes, farms, forests and family homes, burned to cinder, and everyday, people watching and hoping for the weather to shift. Man hasn’t been able to put the fires out, and the phrase we hear over and over, is we’ll have to wait for nature to do it. The rain is only just starting to fall, not enough to put out forest fires… but it’s a start.

The air feels cleaner to me already though. The smell of wet earth and pavement that has been hot and dry week after week after week gets a special smell you only get with summertime rain, particularly at the very end of it. It always seems that wet on the season intensifies the natural smell… kind of like the wet dog phenomenon. Except the smell of -everything- all together wet in the city, and in the forests, and in the inbetween places, has a special smell all it’s own, and it changes, depending on the time of year, the type of rain. Later the rain well make the air smell distinctly sweet as the fall leaves shed everywhere, city and suburb alike, will fall onto sidewalks and pathways, and trodden underfoot, the decaying scent of leaves makes the air smell sweet, rich, and heady, earthy and mulchy.

It must come from growing up on the west coast of Canada, literally in cities built out of rainforests. I’ve grown up with the rain… I love it.

It’s like a warm grey blanket that wraps the sky when the clouds come in. The skies look like pale grey blue cashmere to my eyes… I feel comforted by the hazey drizzled skyscapes. Sunny days and snow storms are magical, but slightly confusing events and when they linger for more than a few days, more than a few weeks, without a rainy interuption, start to feel oppressive to me, and I long for a rainy day, or two, or four.

One of my simplest and fondest childhood memories are of my mother cooking spaghetti on rainy days, and since we were such a big family, it was always a huge pot of noodles boiling on the stove. The steam created would fog up all the windows in the whole house… and it was a big house! It seemed amazing to me that condensation turning all the black night sky windows into instant drawing boards, where as I knew as I couldn’t repress my fingers from tracing faces and letters in the wet.

I also love the fall for the clothes. I love clothes, and fall means layering clothes, and traditional fall clothing colours are always my favorite clothing colours, my love of charcol grey, black, red, chocolate brown, and other assorted neutrals and warm earthy colours look more in place. I also have excuses to wear my favorite accessories, kid leather gloves and hats! I love gloves and hats.

Last week I had a tailor re-hem some of my fall clothes that needed adjustments, turn a ripped red pleather dress into a long red pleather skirt. Turn a ripped long black pleather skirt into a short one. Turn a value village long plaid wool skirt into a short school-girlish one. All in preperation for fall dressing.

Today I went shopping with my Adult Baby T-girl jOni, and a an Adult Baby boy, and we shopped for adult diapers and some clothes, mostly for the baby boy, as he was in desperate need of his own brand of comfort clothes this fall. Next week he’ll be coming back over and hanging out with jOni and I, and I’ll take some photos.

We also had a nice little lunch together, and we also went to Value Village, so ‘Mommy’ got to do some shopping of her own! (that’s me!) I found a great short knit charcoal skirt, and a FABULOUS red and black boa that has ostrich feathers in it, it’s amazing. Indescribable, I’ll have to take pictures of it – I KNOW I’ll take pictures of it. They were only charching 10$ for it, and I swear the number of exotic feathers in this beauty are worth five times that alone, never mind the construction gone into the thing, it uses three types of feather. I lopped a small bit of the end to trim one of my hats with, and it’s going to get attached to some fetish ensemble at a party soon, very soon, I hope. I may have to go out this weekend just so I have a chance to wear it.

I’ve been so lax in writing, that there are a million things I could talk about. It’s not just being lax though, I’ve also been out of town a lot. From LA to Gabriola, to visiting my family in Victoria. I think I’ve spend more time away from home than at home over the last month, at least it seems that way.

I’ve been talking oodles of pics, of myself, of other people, fetish pics, standard erotica… etc.

I’ve been stable in terms of my mood disorder, though still have to avoid stressors, and have days were I’m housebound, or limited in my activities.

I went to a lovely wedding of a very nice local couple that we’ve recently struck up a friendship with, and hope to get more social with.

I’ve been fantasizing about trying to do some other erotic art work on a larger scale, and contemplating entering some work in the International erotic art show that happens in Seattle. I’m nervous about it though… yet at the same time, feeling the pull to do it. I want to work with some of my photos, have them printed onto canvas, and then work into them further with various other media.

Wolfe and I have been daydreaming a lot about moving to a larger home and starting my little dream BDSM/Fetish resort spot… but it will be a number of years before that can happen yet still financially. We go back and forth weekly on whether or not to put laminate flooring down over our concrete floors, or just buy a larger oriental rug, or do neither, and take all the saved pennies and put them towards the mortage on our little condo. It’s not a pressing decision, as there aren’t enough saved pennies yet to really have to think about acting on it!

Someone in Washington state is selling an Adult Baby Crib and a stroller, which I want, but probably can’t afford, and perhaps more, or at least equally, importantly, have no place to store!

Well, that’s all for me for now, because talking about buying things has started that little yen I get now and then to browse ebay…

I hope, now that some grey skies may be coming this way more and more oft, that I will also be writing more in keeping with that.

I was going to originally, when I started writing this entry, talk about some of my feelings around my body weight and image, and some failed ‘diet’ attempts (why oh why) as of late, and in part the images that I chose to go in this entry where in part around that… but really, I guess I got of into better places…

I’ll eventually come back around to it, I’m sure, after all, it’s not hard to see that I’m one to really lay everything out in the open.

“You must have chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”—Friedrich Nietzsche

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